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The Most Common Sports Injuries in the U.S.

If you’re like many Americans, you love playing team sports. Playing sports can provide countless physical and mental benefits to those who play them. But there can be some downsides as well.

Aggressive sports such as football can lead to serious physical injuries that cause lasting damage. Learn more about the most common injuries in each sport in the U.S. from the team at Moji who help athletes stay in the game with products that prevent injury and reduce pain.


Sports with the most injuries

When it comes to sports injuries, all sports are not created equal. Aggressive sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) have even led to death in the past. But in reference to more traditional sports, football is by far the most dangerous. According to a report from Johns Hopkins Hospital, almost 215,000 children ages 5-14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for football-related injuries in 2017.

This compares with 200,000 children treated for biking accidents and 170,000 children treated for basketball-related injuries in the same year. Baseball and soccer tend to be safer sports, with 110,000 and 88,000 children seeking injury treatment at the hospital, respectively.

Common injuries across sports

Because football is a high impact contact sport, almost any type of injury is possible. Some of the most common ones include broken bones, dislocated joints, and concussions. Specific injuries include Achilles tendonitis, ACL injury, ankle sprain, athlete’s foot, and herniated disks.

Common basketball injuries such as sprains and strains are usually minor. Eye injuries are also frequent, often resulting from getting hit by fingers or elbows. When it comes to baseball, doctors frequently see injuries such as rotator cuff tears, UCL injuries, and spondylolysis fractures of lower back vertebrae.

General sports injuries

There are a few injuries that tend to show up across all sports. These injuries usually involve strains and sprains. Some of the most common sports injuries overall include:

 – Ankle sprains

 – Groin pull

 – Hamstring strain

 – Shin splints

 – ACL tear

 – Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)


There are many ways that common sports injuries can be avoided and treated. Moji offers products that help manage sports injury-related pain and allow you to get back in the game. Shop our products to help you continue enjoying life and the benefits sports bring.