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Imagine the benefits of a deep tissue massage With HOT STones, any time you want.

Relieve Back & Neck Pain with the perfect combination of heat, massage, and Rolling.

With its perfect massaging design and the powerful benefits of ️‍🔥 HEAT ️‍🔥 and massage perfectly paird together, you can finally find relief at any moment.

A heated massage tool for effective pain relief when you need it.

The two-piece design enables effective pain relief for large areas like the lower back and neck, quads, and glutes, as well as harder-to-reach areas like triceps and between shoulder blades. Microwave and roll to quickly experience the combined benefits of heat and rolling massage!

What makes it different? One word, ️‍🔥 HEAT ️‍🔥

Heat + Massage + Rolling = FAST RELIEF

How Can it help you?

With the gentle massaging effect & powerful heat benefits, you'll find relief from all types of pain! Including, but not limited to...

❤️ Back Pain

❤️ Neck Pain

❤️ Muscle Knots

❤️ Quads Pain & Stiffness

❤️ Glutes Pain & Stiffness

❤️ The list goes on!

"Adding heat to foam rolling has completely changed the game for me"


"I love this product! Adding heat to foam rolling has completely changed the game for me, I am seeing huge improvements overall, especially in my legs. I would highly recommend this product if you have tight muscles and bound fascia."

- Brianna B. | Verified Buyer



"My Moji Heat Roller is a winner!! The ability to heat it in the microwave is genius! I also love the cushioned textured exterior. Would recommend this to all ages for relief."

- Karen Nelson | Verified Buyer

Holds Powerful Healing Heat for 30 minutes


"Just pop it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and you get good heat for almost a half hour. I recently had a spasm in my low back and used it extensively in my recovery. My chiropractor was impressed by it and was looking to get a few for his practice. It breaks apart into 2 pieces and makes it very portable. I keep it in my carry-on for all the traveling I do for work."

- AJ | Verified Buyer

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