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Our Story

Why Moji?

Moji’s mission is to help people of all ages move better, live pain free, and stay active. That’s why we’ve created an array of innovative patented and proprietary products – a heated roller, heated massage balls, heated wraps, and other premium solutions that help people feel great. When daily pain and stiffness strike and you want to keep moving, Moji is your answer.

What’s new at Moji? Our premium heated wraps provide soothing and deep penetrating moist heat for your neck, your lower back, and your mid back. Our latest innovative massagers – our MojiHeat roller and balls – combine the benefit of massage with the awesome power of therapeutic heat to soothe muscles throughout the body. Our patented Pro and travel friendly massagers have long been the go to recovery tool for active people.

No matter which Moji products you choose, Moji will help you live pain free, stay active, and do what you love.


The Moji team is dedicated to providing innovation and education in the pain relief and recovery space in an effort to enhance the lives of others and support a sense of vitality.

Victor Viner


Victor is a serial entrepreneur and a lifelong competitive athlete. Whether it is playing basketball, cycling, skiing, hiking, or competing in triathlons, Victor is always outside doing some sport or training with his young kids. He has in-depth experience with wellness, fitness, and sports medicine and he attended Rush Medical School in Chicago. Victor is a voracious reader and an avid photographer.

For the Dedication to the Community

Moji is proud to sponsor the Cancer Wellness Center based in Illinois. The center has locations in Northbrook, Grayslake, Park Ridge, and Libertyville. The Cancer Wellness Center was founded in 1989 to help people live better while living with cancer.