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Back Pain? – Doctors Have Spoken

Heat is the #1 Recommended Treatment for Back Pain

Miracle Product!!

"My muscle tightness is totally gone! It's such a good way to relieve pain without medications!" - Natalie (Heated Neck Wrap)

Great for Active Mom

"It allows me to move around and attend to my kids while I'm healing my back." - Renee (Heated Lower Back Wrap)

Great Product!

"Definitely recommend this product for anyone with shoulder pain or muscle tightness." - Bill (Heated Neck Wrap)

Recommended by Runners World

"This heated back wrap feels so good. So you better believe I walked around the office wearing it." - RM (Heated Lower Back Wrap)

Wearable, long-lasting pain relief wherever you need it

Moji’s proprietary moist heat technology takes pain relief to a new level. Our wraps are simple to use, safe, and effective.

The American College of Physicians recommends heat as the #1 treatmeant for back and neck pain.


Moist Heat

Penetrates deeper into muscles and works faster than other forms of heat to relieve pain and stiffness.



Use Moji's heated wraps for 20-30 minutes of soothing heat therapy. Reap the benefits for hours!


Everyday Mobility

Work, walk, or do anything wearing Moji's heated wraps.