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Workout Tips for Busy Moms

From dragging the kids out of bed to get to school on time to tucking them in at night, the schedule of a busy mom seems to never end. Sure, hustling and bustling out and about all day may work up a sweat once in a while, but with so many obligations, it’s practically impossible to find some time to squeeze in an official workout. However, keeping the family busy and plotting out time to stay in shape is more manageable than you think, and there are plenty of exercises that can be performed without taking a trip to the gym. For all the busy moms who feel like there are no options for getting in some exercise throughout the hectic day, here are some workout tips that are extremely flexible and able to coincide with your schedule:

Make your home a personal gym

The easiest way to hit the gym while balancing out your daily tasks is when you don’t even have to leave home to work out. It doesn’t take much to devote a room in the house to be your own personal exercise facility, and adding some dumbbells, yoga mats or balance balls to the basement is essentially all you need to provide yourself with an adequate workout. A good rule of of thumb to consider is that the more you invest in enhancing your at-home gym, the more likely you’ll feel obligated to use it. You can even use appliances around the house. If you’re waiting for the kids to get ready, do some quick chair dips by using a stable chair to support you as you lower your bottom to the floor while gripping the sides. These will help boost some strength in your upper body.

Two birds, one stone

Whenever you see an opportunity that allows you to get active while still accomplishing a task for the day, take advantage of it! Need to walk the dog? Take your buddy out for a quick jog around the neighborhood when you wake up in the morning. Bringing the kids to the park? Pack a jump rope in your car and get in some reps while you watch them play. If you’re trying to wear your little ones out, take them to a field or court and teach them a sport to play, or simply run around for a solid 15 to 30 minutes. Even pushing the stroller around town is an ideal time to bust out a light dumbbell, which you can switch back and forth between arms.

Plan ahead

If you know when your free periods during the day are, try to schedule a time to squeeze in a workout and stick to your plan. When you drop the kids off for an afternoon playing with their friends, spend the next half hour going for a run through the park. If you’re heading to the groomer to give the dog a much-needed bath, drive over to the gym and do some squats before you pick him or her back up again. You’ll be less likely to get in some physical activity if you don’t have a plan for it beforehand.

Don’t limit yourself

The important thing to remember is that there’s no wrong way to go about exercising – just as long as you’re staying active. If you’re too busy to dedicate three days a week to training at the gym, that’s fine! If one day you’re jogging around the block in the morning and the next day you’re taking the kids to the park, those are both sufficient ways to get the exercise you need. Never think you need to grind out extra hours at the gym to stay fit.

Eat healthy

Abiding by a proper nutrition plan can’t be emphasized enough. The best way to make an effort to work out is if you feel healthy, and giving into fast-food lunches or dessert cravings will only decrease your motivation to be active. Odds are, the better stuff you’re putting into your body, the more willing you’ll be to keep it in great condition.


With so much stuff going on, the life of a mom can often be overwhelming. Luckily, working out is one of the greatest ways to decrease the stress that’s accumulating in your life. The Mayo Clinic reports that exercise is an excellent resource for improving your mood, whether it’s going for a 30-minute jog or following instructions on a workout DVD. This is because physical activity triggers the brain to release endorphins that contribute to positive well-being. And whenever you get the chance to fit in a strenuous workout, unwind your muscles and body by using a personal massager, a great way to let go of built-up tension before you get back to the daily grind of being a mom.