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Look and Feel Younger with Massage Therapy

It's been said that growing old is all a matter of mentality: think young, feel young. However, there are some aspects of aging that are simply out of your control – or so you thought. For instance, you may spark your twenty-something mindset by listening to the latest hits, going back to school or updating your wardrobe. However, no matter how hard you try, no amount of brainpower can get rid of age-related body aches and wrinkles. Fortunately, massage can help. Check out these three ways massage therapy can give you back your youth:

1. Freshen your face

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, U.S. residents spent $12.9 billion on plastic surgery in 2014, with 40-54 year old women as the most likely to undergo cosmetic procedures. Botox, which plastic surgeons use to remove patients' fine lines and wrinkles, was the most popular beautification method.

Massage therapy provides a safer and less costly alternative for achieving that younger-looking radiance. Speaking with Glamour, Nichola Joss, a facial expert who has worked with celebrities, explained that working out the facial muscles through massage can make skin plumper, effectively kicking wrinkles to the curb. While Joss actually massages client's faces from inside their mouths, she noted that using your fingers and palms to place pressure on the surface of your face can provide similar benefits.

2. Improve your posture

Slumping in a chair at the office for years may put your posture in bad shape. For those who fear developing grandma's hunchback, it's crucial to loosen your muscles so your body can naturally realign itself. Business Insider noted that using a foam roller to massage your upper back aids spine mobility and rounded shoulders. The same concept applies when utilizing a Moji personal massager. Target your neck, shoulders and upper back to relieve the tension that causes poor posture. The following video demonstrates how to properly massage your neck and trapezius muscles using the Moji Curve PRO and the Moji Mini PRO.

3. Say goodbye to pain

You may already be familiar with the aches and pains that come with age. Perhaps you wake up each morning with a sore back, or sitting on the floor with the kids isn't as easy as it use to be. The National Institutes of Health explained that worn-away cartilageand decreased fluids can cause joints to become inflexible, and changing muscle tissues can leave muscles rigid. Massage therapy increases blood flow and manipulates muscle tissues to increase range of motion and ease tension.

Massage therapy not only provides a relaxing experience, it can also reverse the clock and put that pep back in your step.