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How to Relieve Back Pain and Prevent Stiff Back with Heat Therapy

A stiff back is a common problem for individuals who are sitting at a desk for the better part of each day. Prevent your back muscles from stiffening and learn how to relieve back pain with these easy methods.


Adjust Your Work Life

Studies show that spending long hours seated will have a negative impact on your back. Sitting can increase pressure on your lumbar disk by up to 40%, weaken your core muscles, and result in muscle tightness. Avoid these painful penalties by making a few easy changes to your work life.

  1. Take note of your posture throughout the day and make a conscious effort to straighten up as often as you can. If you have a hard time remembering to do this, write a reminder on a sticky note and stick it in a visible place at your desk.
  2. Keep a heat wrap at your desk so you can relax the muscles in your back when you feel them start to tighten up. When your back is feeling particularly stiff, just secure the heat therapy wrap and let it work while you do.
  3. Adjust your workspace so you’re not putting unnecessary strain on your neck and spine.
  4. Take short, frequent breaks away from your desk throughout the day to stretch your back.

Stretch Regularly

Stretching regularly will do wonders for alleviating and preventing a stiff back. To get the most out of your stretch, we suggest you treat yourself to a quick heat massage or use a heated wrap to relax your back muscles before you stretch.

Strengthen Your Core

Sitting all day is doing nothing for your core. By adopting core-strengthening exercises into your daily routine, you can equip your body with the strength it needs to withstand an hour or two at your desk.

How to Relieve Back Pain

While you work on strengthening your core and stretching your muscles, you can relieve any current back pain with a well-deserved heated back pain massage. The tension in your muscles and tissues is preventing proper circulation, which is the cause of your stiff back. A soothing heat massage will dilate the blood vessels of your back muscles and result in a smooth oxygen flow and pain relief.

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