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How to give yourself a 5-minute massage for lower back pain

People suffer from back pain for a variety of reasons. Massage can provide relief for athletes suffering from sore muscles or individuals who are dealing with chronic pain. Even new moms carrying around babies may find that their lower backs give them trouble. Whatever the case may be, using a portable massager for back pain relief is a quick and efficient way to achieve athletic recovery or find some relaxation.

With a Moji 360® massager you can give your lower back a massage any time it’s bothering you, feels tight or is sore from a workout.  Even just a few minutes can provide relief and energy to get on with your day.

Helpful tips for giving yourself a 5-minute lower back massage:

  • If possible, you want to be in a quiet, warm room with soft lighting. Since a common goal of massage is to relax, you can put on some calming or soothing music and opt for lamps instead of overhead lighting.
  • Before starting your massage, take a few moments to breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling from your diaphragm (also known as belly breathing) to start to relax your body and slow your heart rate.
  • Once you feel calm, you can begin your massage. Bring the portable massager to your lower back. To start, slowly move the massager up and down both sides of your lower back. The Moji 360 features spheres that can roll in a circle as well as side to side, so for a minute or two, gently roll the massager up and down to increase circulation. You can also slowly move the massager in a circle around your lower back as well as side to side to loosen up the muscles from all directions.
  • Now that your lower back muscles are less tight, you can focus on any pressure points. If you see there are any knots or kinks on either side of your spine, you can use the larger spheres for a deep tissue massage. When you find a sensitive spot, place the sphere over it and apply pressure. Be sure to adjust the pressure as necessary. Since you’re in control, you can dig as deep as you need to in order for the muscles to release their tension. Hold the device here while you breathe deeply for a few seconds. Repeat this process on any other challenging spots.
  • Afterward, you’ll want to get blood flow to the muscles where you just worked out knots, so gently roll the massager up and down your back again for another few minutes. Following this, it might feel good to do a few stretches, reaching your hands up toward the ceiling or standing up, folding over and slowly rolling back up.

These tips will help you achieve a quick but effective lower back massage that you can use as part of athletic recovery, following an intense workout or even after a long day at the office.