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Benefits of an At Home Foot Massage for People on Their Feet All Day

It is surprising how little notice we take of our feet. These peddlers carry our total weight each and every day, and for busy moms and weekend warriors, this means that those feet are not getting much rest either. We all know that those little hoofers need some TLC every now and then, so give yourself and your trotters some self-love by performing at-home foot massages.

Not only does giving yourself a foot massage give you a small break from your hectic day, but it also allows you to check in with your feet. Taking a close look at your feet can alert you to any developing problems, so that all issues can be resolved before they progress. Being able to alert yourself of complications can save on later costly medical bills or pain medications, so give your feet a little rub.

How to massage

There are multiple ways to give yourself a foot massage, and they all start with sitting in a comfortable chair. If you are performing the massage with your hands, bend your leg so that your ankle rests on the opposite leg’s thigh. Apply some lotion or massaging oil to your hands and give your foot a general massage, moisturizing each part. Next, press the knuckles of your hand into the base of your foot. This will be a slightly stronger pressure. You can also use both of your hands at once, pushing your thumbs firmly into your skin. Relax your toes and pull them back and forth. Follow these same instructions for the opposite foot.

To help eliminate any particular tightness in your foot, wiggle your big toe as you massage the soles. Be sure to pay attention to areas where your foot is most tender, if painful to the touch, treat them gently.

If you are looking for an even more effective experience, use the Moji foot roller. You will want to be seated for using this as well. Just run your foot from toes to heel across the top of the massager, and continue until relaxed.

To enhance the massage experience and exponentially increase the benefits of this TLC, be sure to stretch your feet at this time too. You can either do this by pushing and pulling at your foot from the toes, base and heel throughout your massage, or you can do so on the stairs. For the stair stretch, begin by letting your heels hang off the back of one step, lift up onto your toes and then let your weight slowly pull you down to the point that your heels are lower than the step. Hold for just a few seconds and return to the top. Do this repetitively for about 30-60 seconds.

The benefits

Not only does a foot massage feel good, but it also benefits your general health. You may have heard that the practice of reflexology treats the sensory nerves for your internal organs that sit at your feet. This means that when you massage your feet you are not only making those pads feel better, but you are potentially improving the well-being of your entire body.

A study performed by the department of nursing at Songwon College in Korea found that foot massage has the ability to reduce stress and fatigue. So for those busy moms who start to get anxious and worn down from all of their errands, take just a two to five minute break in your day to revamp your energy with a foot massage.  Foot massage also increases circulation, stimulates the foot muscles, lessens stiffness, eliminates joint pain and reduces head aches.