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4 Ways to Ease Discomfort from Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can really put a damper on activities like dancing, running and hiking. This foot condition affects the plantar fascia, the thin ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot. In other words, it’s essential to helping you walk and run. When there’s too much pressure put on your plantar fascia, you can experience pain in the bottom of your heel. Wear and tear causes the ligament to become inflamed, which then produces pain and stiffness in your heel. While being overweight puts you at a greater risk for developing this foot condition, sometimes weight has nothing to do with it. Long distance runners, along with women who are pregnant tend to develop plantar fascia problems as well.

The good news is that plantar fasciitis doesn’t have to stop you from taking part in the activities you enjoy. Here are some ways to give yourself plantar fasciitis relief:

1. Try an anti-inflammatory drug

Medicine such as ibuprofen can be taken to help reduce much of the inflammation in the ligament. However, make sure you speak with your doctor before taking any form of mediation.

2. Practice personal massage

You can use a personal foot massager to relieve pain and revitalize your sore and tired feet. Simply sit down on the couch or a chair, place your foot on top of the massager and roll it over the surface to loosen your plantar fascia and make it less likely to become tightened and irritated.

3. Stretch

Before and after workouts, don’t forget to stretch the bottoms of your feet. Sit on the ground with your legs extended straight out in front of you. Then take a towel or a band and wrap it around the balls of your feet, holding onto the ends of the towel with your hands. Pull the towel toward you gently so you feel a light stretch along the balls of your feet. Hold the position for 30 seconds to loosen the muscles in your feet.

4. Get insoles

Give your feet the support they need with a commercial insole. An arched insole can keep your plantar fascia from flexing and, in turn, reduces inflammation and discomfort. Visit your podiatrist so he or she can fit you for an insole that’s customized to your feet. Always wear the insoles when working out to ensure maximum comfort.