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How to enjoy your massage

January 09, 2019

How to enjoy your massage

There are many benefits to receiving a massage that play their part in boosting your overall well being. From its renowned ability to ease stress and help you unwind to alleviating sore muscles after an extensive workout, there’s a reason massage therapy has been a practiced study for thousands of years. While the odds are in your favor that you’ll feel like a whole new person after experiencing a massage, those who are new to the practice may be wary when it comes to fulfilling their enjoyment of the activity during the session. There’s more to getting out of a massage than just showing up and participating. Whether you’re never received a massage before or your initial experiences have been underwhelming, here are a few tips to consider when it comes to maximizing your enjoyment of a massage:

Before the massage

There’s a lot that goes into making the most out of a massage before you even step foot in the therapist’s office. If the course of your day consists of high-strung scenarios that stress you out and leave you anxious, the odds are that you’ll be heavily distracted during your massage session. Part of the essence of getting a massage is putting yourself in a tranquil mindset so you push all the daily distractions out of your head and only concentrate on the serene comfort you’re experiencing. This can also relate to being punctual, as arriving late to your appointment will only rush the process for both you and your massage therapist.

Another common mistake many people make prior to their massage appointment is eating a meal or filling up on coffee or tea. If your stomach feels full, you’ll only make it harder on yourself to enjoy the rubdown, and your mind will most likely begin to wander. Of course, there’s always the probability that you’ll need to go to the restroom while on the massage table, which obviously will put a damper on the mood. Consuming caffeinated beverages before an appointment will also leave you anything but relaxed during the session. Make sure your previous meal has been fully digested before receiving a massage so it won’t be spoiled by any unforeseen interruptions.

Get comfortable

Many people shy away from massages because of the whole clothing-optional scenario. It’s important to note that there certainly aren’t any rules that force someone to wear or not wear clothing that makes them feel comfortable during the massage. Of course, you’ll always be provided with towels to appropriately cover yourself during the session, but if you’re still not comfortable with that, feel free to add layers as you see fit. You’re also guaranteed absolute privacy whenever you need to change.

Talk with your therapist

When it comes down to it, you know what you want for your body. The massagetherapist will certainly make sure they do their best to provide you with the ultimate therapeutic manipulation of your body, but if there are any areas that you want specifically focused on or are completely off limits, you need to tell your therapist beforehand. If you’ve been experiencing sore muscles in a particular region of your body, explain what’s causing you pain, and your massage therapist will present you with a specific plan of action. This also related to during the massage as well. If you ever begin to experience pain or discomfort of any kind during the session, immediately inform your therapist. In contrast, let him or her know when he or she is doing a good job or that he or she has hit the right spot, so he or she can add to the serenity and let your muscles unwind.


Don’t be afraid to bring new elements to the massage table during your sessions. Many therapists like to play soothing music while they’re working, but if you have your own relaxing songs you feel will help ease tension, by all means inquire with your therapist about playing it. It’s also extremely common that various massage oils, lotions or powders may be brought into the session as well, so make sure you’re aware of whatever product your therapist begins to use. Candles are an essential component to creating a more inviting and relaxing ambiance, and if you have some scented candles that you prefer, don’t hesitate to bring them with you. Lastly, massage appointments certainly don’t have to be cloaked in silence. If you find that talking to your therapist helps loosen the mood and gets you relaxed, feel free to chat with him or her. Otherwise, lay back and take in the tranquility while your body enters a state of ease you rarely ever get to enjoy.

Stay at home

Of course, the relaxation doesn’t have to stop at home. Having a personal massager handy can always soothe the mood, and help you ease your tension a little bit as you prepare for your next massage therapy appointment. Remember, there’s arguably no location more serene and comforting than in the confines of your own home.

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