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Whether you're an endurance athlete or a parent squeezing in a few workouts between soccer practices and naptime, massage therapy is key to achieving post-exercise relief. With a Moji personal massager, you can experience the relaxing benefits without booking an appointment at a salon

Moji infographic on personal massagers.Discover how you can benefit from using a Moji personal massager.

Why Moji is better
The multi-directional massage spheres on Moji products make these devices the best sources for pain relief and relaxation. Moji devices are not stick-like or immobile, and they deliver a dynamic experience, allowing users to massage in a variety of directions across the body.

For example, elongation massage, which involves movements with the direction of the muscle fiber, may help increase circulation. Enhancing the level of blood flow in the body provides oxygen and the proper nutrients that heal tissues in the body.

Cross-friction massage, on the other hand, utilizes strokes that move perpendicular of the muscle fiber. Massage therapists often use this technique to help heal injuries and increase muscle elasticity.

Trigger Point massage may alleviate pain by creating sustained pressure in a single area. Moji advises using this technique with the Moji Foot PRO Massager to treat plantar fasciitis pain, a common condition in athletes. The raised sphere on this product allows users to more exactly target sore spots, effectively invigorating the fascia tissue. All of these techniques are applicable by using Moji products.

The advantage of convenience
The portable and travel-friendly size of Moji products allows you to experience comfort on the go. Slip your personal massager in your gym bag before hitting the weight room or pack it in your suitcase to provide stress relief on a business trip. What's more, the high-tech plastic spheres are lightweight, making toting your personal massager around both comfortable and convenient.

Moji products deliver versatility in more ways than their dynamic motions – the Moji PRO line provides you with the ability to freeze the devices. The stainless steel massage spheres provide extra soothing relief when utilized as an ice massage, which brings additional muscle-healing advantages.

What are you waiting for? Massage, recover and relax with a Moji personal massager today.


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