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The Moji 360 was an impulse buy. I have pretty much all the popular (and unpopular!) recovery products so to me, the Moji 360 was just a “i gotta find out what this thing is like” buy. Thank God for my curiosity.

In this review I’ll try to make it as useful as I can. I know people are not just wanting a review of this product, but a comparison of it to all the other massage products out there. This is THAT review.

A little background info on me. I’m a big shot Division 1 collegiate athlete and I’ve used self massage products for a while to keep me healthy and heighten my performance. I’ve used the Rumble Roller, the Muscletrac, the Stick, the Tiger Tail, the GRID, and the entire Trigger Point tptherapy Ultimate 6 kit. The only products of those mentioned that i don’t currently own are the Stick and the Tiger tail.

A WORD OF ADVICE about the Stick and Tiger Tail…. absolutely garbage. The Tiger Tail is better than the Stick only in that it gets in deeper to the muscle. The Stick is the most popular of all these products and easily the worst. Not only does it not get in deep enough to the muscle (and any attempt to dig deeper results in snapping the bendable frame) but it only kneads the fascia and muscle tissue.

In other words, it simply acts like a rolling pin and flattens and compresses the tissue. It’s not even worth your time for warming up as the effect is relatively superficial despite your muscles feeling slightly hotter. 90% of that is from friction kids. The Tiger Tail fares better but does the same thing. Either CANNOT break up scar tissue or trigger points because of their superficial penetration of the tissue. Unless you spend A LOT of time rolling over the muscles to access deeper layers.

Then along comes the MUSCLETRAC! It penetrates the tissue and easily finds trigger points and sore spots. It uses ischemic compression to break up the trigger points as you hold on to a painful spot and roll back and forth. The wheel tread stimulates the muscles for performance and WAKES them up! But even this miracle product has its disadvantages. More on that later.

The GRID… a regular foam roller that doesn’t break down. It’s okay. I don’t know why so many people rave about . It’s just the “Tiger Tail” in a foam roller body. Of course, using your body weight is significantly better than hand pressure, so it gets in deep to the fascia and CAN break up trigger points and adhesions.

The Rumble Roller though, is the best foam roller on the market. It’s the Muscletrac in a foam roller body. Do you see a pattern here?

All of these products (minus the Stick and Tiger Tail) are great. Worthy additions to your arsenal of muscle recovery, soreness inhibiting products. But only one can take the prize as the greatest.

The Moji 360 redefines your conception of a massage stick. It makes you question the merits of the other products as it does what they ALL do… but better.

It has little spheres that protrude from the ergonomically shaped stick frame in what they call Tri-Zone technology. Unlike the Grid– which has different patterns that are “supposed to feel different”– the Moji 360 actually DOES feel like a different massage depending on the spheres you roll your muscles with. The smaller spheres seem to hit those tiny sore spots the bigger ones just miss. Good for hitting thin or narrow muscles like the shin (anterior tibialis).

Even though they hit smaller spots, it is the big spheres that dig in deepest and being at the end of the stick frame you have more leverage in applying greater pressure. The massage certainly is the closest i can think of that feels like a massage therapist. You know those products that tout they feel like one…but really don’t? This one ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE A MASSAGE from human hands.

The reason its hands down the best stick product is in its design. The Muscletrac is the greatest diagnostic tool of the bunch. That doesn’t make it the best massage product though. By diagnostic i mean, the Muscletrac’s tread design allows you to roll over the muscle with light pressure and actually feel dense lesions and triggerpoints very easily. But there’s a reason why rolling with the Muscletrac does not give you that warmth of blood flowing as the Stick or Tiger Tail does.

The Muscletrac (and Rumble Roller) does not really “roll” over the muscle tissue like you think. Its treads only flatten the tissue directly below it and stay at that same spot before another tread flattens the next spot on the muscle 1/2 inch away. It just digs in deep and compresses whats there.

The Moji 360 does both. Its protruding spheres which rotate freely in any direction allow you to dig in deep and compress the tissue and actually ROLL across the muscle. This easily breaks up scar tissue and triggerpoints like no other product. Even better, you can do cross friction with it. No other product allows you to roll across the belly of the muscle tissue up and down AND side to side. That is truly a different kind of good pain.

With the Moji 360 you WILL feel a sensation of lightness after say… a calf massage or shin massage. Even a quad massage with this will leave you feeling fresh and lighter. More blood flow to the muscles and breaking up adhesions to restore proper elasticity. The only product that can rival the Moji 360 in terms of effectiveness is one that’s an entire therapy system and not just one product. That’s how good the Moji is.

I have yet to receive the flexible hand Moji massager but I will comment on its effectiveness when I receive it. I have a good feeling about it that it might even be better than this stick Moji.

Darrell W.
Blacksburg, VA

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