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Mini Pro Massager

Freeze for an ICE massage! Travel-friendly, portable, and handheld, the Mini Pro Massager rolls to relieve all your sore muscles, with two special spheres to perform specific functions.
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The larger spheres at the top of the massager, by your fingertips and the largest one by the heel of your hand provide a targeted massage, enabling you to dig super deep, using the fingers and heel of your hand to provide the most intense massage.

⦁ FREEZE for a therapeutic ice massage

⦁ Relieves neck and shoulder pain

⦁ Targets hard to reach areas in neck/shoulder

⦁ Can be used on your entire body

⦁ Super portable and easy to use

⦁ Three sizes of massage spheres

⦁ Adjustable clasp

⦁ Easy to clean

⦁ 1-year warranty

Slide the Mini Pro Massager onto your hand, with the massage spheres on your palm side. Position massage spheres on sore muscles and roll!


Neck & Shoulders: Pinpoint your massage by pushing your fingertips into the top sphere, called the "Target Sphere" and apply pressure while rolling.

For Deepest Massage: For the most intensity, use the heel of your palm against the bottom "Intensity" sphere and apply pressure onto your calves, shins, IT Bands, or PSOAS.

Wipe the Moji Mini Pro Massager with a damp wipe or soap and water. Air dry.

Why use the Moji Mini Pro?
The Mini Pro Massager is considered the swiss army knife of our product line. It is a highly versatile tool that is great for targeting sore spots and finding relief all over the body. It is compact and easy to use with a single hand. The flexible design of the Mini Pro allows it to contour around muscles for maximum effectiveness. The handheld design makes it easy to use anywhere while easily controlling the massage pressure.


How do I use the Mini Pro?
Slide your hand into the back of the massager and adjust the clasp for a comfortable fit and roll the massage spheres across your muscles. The freely rotating massage spheres allow for complete freedom of range of motion. Utilize long strokes, circular motions, and sustained pressure to relieve muscle tension. Use the larger top sphere to target specific problem areas and the largest bottom sphere to provide the deepest pressure. Spend extra time massaging particularly sore spots.


What muscle groups does the Mini Pro work on?
The Moji Mini Pro is perfect for massaging all over, but it is particularly great for targeting those hard-to-reach areas like in your neck and shoulders.


When should I use the Moji Mini Pro?
The Mini Pro is great anytime you need to find relief. Use it before activity, after activity, or anytime you want to relax and relieve muscle tension.


What are the Mini Pro massage spheres made of?
The massage spheres on the Mini Pro are made of a high-grade solid stainless steel. These spheres allow the product to be frozen for an ice massage.


Why should I do ice massage?
Ice is great post workout to help elevate pain, minimize soreness, and reduce inflammation. It is great to use whenever you are experiencing inflammation related pain or injuries such as plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome, or runner’s knee.


How do I freeze the massager for an ice massage?
Place the entire product in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.


How long does the Moji Mini Pro stay cold?
The Moji Mini Pro will stay cold for approximately 15 minutes. This varies based on the air temperate and the skin temperature of the user.


How do I clean the Mini Pro?
Wipe the Moji Mini Pro Massager with a damp wipe or soap and water. Air dry.


Can children use the Moji Mini Pro?
Yes, under close adult supervision. Moji products are safe for everyone to use when used properly. Do not allow children to use this product without close adult supervision.


Can individuals with health and medical conditions use the Moji Mini Pro?
Consult with a physician before use if you have health or medical conditions.


Does Moji offer video information about how to use the Moji Mini PRO?
Of course. Check out and our YouTube channel,


Where is the Moji Mini Pro Made?
This product is made in the U.S.A. of US and foreign components. 


What is the warranty on the Moji Mini Pro?
Moji proudly offers a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. 



The Benefits of Cold 
Reduces inflammation
Reduces Swelling
Increases circulation
Reduces pain


Varying sized massage balls for trigger point self massage
Perfect for neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and calves
Dig in to painful muscle knots to relieve pain


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