At Moji, we love a good sports medicine debate.  Actually, we love any debate.  However, in addition to the customary water-cooler deliberations about last night’s game or the merits of certain Project Runway designers, we contemplate (okay, loudly dispute) the veracity of every great debate in sports from stretching to what headphones have done to running. On Wednesday, another juicy debate arose from Gina Kolata’s New York Times article, which calls into question the purported benefits of cooling down.  At first, we thought that our great interest in “sharing our opinions” on this topic, which are part science, part anecdotal evidence (what athlete doesn’t like to share a good war story?) was simply a Moji-specific obsession.  However, from the bevy of impassioned comments on Kolata’s article, it is clear that we aren’t the only ones who find cooling down to be a hot topic.

On The Times’ website, many experts have commented on the article to refute the evidence presented.  Sean Lee, a lifelong trainer and Moji’s resident fitness expert, recently wrote a great article on the benefits of cooling down from a scientific perspective.  In the article, Sean also disagrees with Kolata and states that even a short cool down can:

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A Step-by-Step Guide for a Speedy Marathon Recovery

Learn how to recover fast from long races and skip the weeks of aches and pains

Jenny Hadfield
Co-author of the best selling Marathoning for Mortals and the newly released Running for Mortals.

Post race recovery begins the minute you cross the finish line.  Sure, you’ll recover post-race regardless of what you do, but did you know there is a short window of opportunity to affect the speed at which this happens?  And the faster you recover, the sooner you’ll get back into your running program.  Follow this Step-by-Step Guide post race and you’ll be well on your way to a speedy recovery.

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Heat and massage therapy provide a lot of the same benefits, and when used together, they increase each other’s advantages. Those seeking the relaxing effects of these conjunctive therapies often opt for a hot stone massages, get a shoulder rub before a warm bath or use heated massage pads. Now with our MojiHeat Heated Massage Ball and Roller you can experience the same positive results from the heat-massage combination without a lot of expense:

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