Anytime! You can use the MojiHeat massage balls whenever your muscles feel tight, stiff, sore, and need some relief. The MojiHeat massage tools are great for warm-up and recovery rolling sessions.

Heat increases the effectiveness of your self-massage. Adding the power of heat therapy into the MojiHeat 4” and 2” Massage balls boosts the healing powers of massage. Heat reduces muscle stiffness, increases circulation, relieves muscle soreness, and most importantly, heat feels GREAT!

The MojiHeat balls contain a proprietary, patent-pending blend of thermoplastics and additives that allow the balls to be heated safely in a microwave. They do not contain water or gels.


Massage balls are easy to use tools that can relieve muscle pain and stiffness. Unlike traditional massage balls, the MojiHeat 4” and 2” Massage Balls provide long-lasting therapeutic heat, safely and effectively.

No. You must wait at least 3 hours before reheating the MojiHeat 4” Massage Ball. You must wait at least 2 hours before reheating the MojiHeat 2” Massage Ball. Allow the massage balls to cool completely.


Yes. Do not overheat. Overheating can cause burns, damage the product and will void your warranty. Heat only as directed on the packaging and on our website, Only heat in a microwave. Always test the temperature of the product before using it, particularly on your bare skin. Please note that the temperature of MojiHeat massage balls generally may increase for a few minutes after microwaving.


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