Activity and exercise can cause tiny tears in muscle fibers, leading to irritation and pain. Massage helps to by stimulating healing compounds in the body. Massage also:
• Increases blood flow so that muscles receive proper nourishment and oxygen.
• Helps eliminate waste from the body.
• Promotes relaxation and that may lower your heart rate and blood pressure.
• Elongates muscles and tissues, increasing mobility.

Rollers are easy to use tools that can relieve muscle pain and stiffness. Unlike traditional rollers, the MojiHeat Roller provides long-lasting therapeutic heat, safely and effectively.

No. These products are specifically designed to be heated only in the microwave. They should never be heated in an oven, in hot water, or by any other method.

Place the ball on the floor or against the wall and apply pressure to the desired muscle. Roll the ball in up and down, side to side, or in circular motions to experience relief. Also roll ball directly on muscles using your hand. Use it in the same way you would use a traditional massage ball, but feel the benefits of heat.

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