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List Price:  $120 
Sale Price: $79.99

Heavenly Foot Massager

"OMG!!! This thing is a little slice of heaven. I'm gonna get another one so I can do both feet together!!!" - NJ


"Buy it! Worth every penny! Helps big time with plantar fasciitis. " - Alexa (Foot Pro)

I am in love with the Moji Curve Pro

"As a long distance runner I have always fought the love/hate relationship with my foam roller....UNTIL THIS! I am in love with the Moji Curve Pro! It feels absolutely amazing & really helps in relieving any & all muscle soreness & tightness after a run or good workout! Plus I love the option of having it cold!! See you foam roller - this product is IT!!" - Krisha

Great for Sore Plantar Fascia

"I bought this on a doctor's recommendation and I love it." - Carolyn (Foot Pro)

Five Stars!

"Absolutely LOVE this thing! It's perfect carrying size and works wonders on sore muscles. Highly recommend!!!" - AC (Mini Pro)

Get it if You're Active!

"Awesome tool for working out those knots and tight spots. You can freeze it as well to work out inflammation. It worked much better and felt more therapeutic than my stick. You won't be sorry!" - Lotus (Curve Pro)

Life Changing

"I have been obsessed with my Moji Curve PRO since the day I received it. I have been using the Moji before bed and for the first time ever, my knots are finally going away. " - Amazon Customer

Our Best-Selling Professional Grade Massagers

Fatigued and sore muscles need a natural way to recover. Moji offers three professional grade products designed to treat muscle pain and stiffness.

How To Use Our Massage Products

How-to guides by those, who use Moji’s products every day