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Thermal Bag

Designed to keep your Moji Heated Roller hot for up to 90 minutes.  Now, you can take your Heated Roller to the gym, yoga studio, or anywhere and get all of the benefits of Moji's therapeutic heat on the go. 

  • Keeps Moji Heated Roller at optimal temperature for up to 90 minutes
  • Uses proprietary insulation to minimize heat loss 
  • Designed and manufactured by Moji
  • Water resistant
  • Light weight
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Step 1 - Microwave Moji Heated Roller
  • Step 2 - Place Moji Heated Roller in Thermal Bag
  • Step 3 - Enjoy on-the-go heated relief

Wipe the Moji Thermal Bag with a damp cloth. Water only. Do not immerse. Air dry.

Here you will find all of Moji’s products like the Moji Foot Massagers, Moji Rollers, and Moji Wraps. All of these products were designed for one thing: to help you recover. Whether you are an avid athlete looking to help soothe aching muscles, or someone with chronic pain, Moji can help relieve your pain. Moji Massagers and Wraps can harness the power of heat therapy and help you soothe your muscle pain.

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