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No. This product is specifically designed to be heated only in the microwave. The roller should never be heated in an oven, in hot water, or by any other method.

All MojiHeat products should only be heated in the microwave.

Anytime! You can use the MojiHeat Roller whenever your muscles feel tight, stiff, sore, and need some relief. The MojiHeat massage tools are great for warm-up and recovery rolling sessions.

Heat increases the effectiveness of your self-massage. Adding the power of heat therapy into the MojiHeat Roller boosts the healing powers of massage. Heat reduces muscle stiffness, increases circulation, relieves muscle soreness, and most importantly, heat feels GREAT!

Activity and exercise can cause tiny tears in muscle fibers, leading to irritation and pain. Massage helps to by stimulating healing compounds in the body. Massage also:
• Increases blood flow so that muscles receive proper nourishment and oxygen.
• Helps eliminate waste from the body.
• Promotes relaxation and that may lower your heart rate and blood pressure.
• Elongates muscles and tissues, increasing mobility.

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