Why You Should Step Up Your Workout


Why You Should Step Up Your Workout

The Wall Street Journal weighs in on working out

Kevin Helliker – The Wall Street Journal

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Kevin Helliker of The Wall Street Journal discusses 20 years of research done by Dr. Paul Williams on the benefits of increased exercise.  Dr. Williams’ controversial work suggests that individuals who exceed the federal government’s exercise recommendations benefit from significant improvements to their short and long term health.  The research, though substantial, has often been discouraged by Dr. Williams’ peers as scientists and regulators fear that the evidence that current exercise guidelines are not enough will discourage those who are doing no exercise at all even try.  However, there are many believe in Dr. Williams’ “more” philosophy and encourage exercisers to increase what they are doing to see better and better health results.

By Kevin Helliker

Published: January 4, 2010

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