Can Relationships Endure Training?

At Moji we’re fortunate to have loved ones that share our enthusiasm for athletic endeavors…at least enough to keep the eye rolls to a minimum. However, there comes a time in most relationships when a choice needs to be made between family time and workout time. Whether you forgo a favorite marathon for an in-law’s wedding or give up the gym for Gymboree. Your biggest fans sometimes turn into your biggest frustration.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an all-too-familiar account of this struggle in “A Workout Ate My Marriage,” which spurred an all-too-familiar argument about what’s fair when it comes to pursuing your passion for exercise over your passion for your spouse.

Clearly, if both parties in a relationship love athletics, exercise can only help. Our very own Fleet Feet Sports Chicago boasts over 20 marriages born from their running programs. (Take that eHarmony!) However, what happens when only one person falls in love with staying active?

While some of us here at Moji feel that personal exercise can only help a marriage, (through some sort of love yourself and get hopped up on happy endorphins rationale), others of us feel that too many miles is a selfish thing.

So we ask you, when it comes to exercise, is it healthy or harmful to a relationship?


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