What Are Some Tips for Warming Up?

3439161962_240a716dae_lululemon athletica_commercial_perfect vancouver runWhat Are Some Tips for Warming Up?

Tips and tricks for warming up properly

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What is the best way to warm up before exercise?


A warm up will consist of three phases: 1) General 2) Active 3) Specific

General Warm up:

Three to five minutes consisting of light cardiovascular activity gradually increasing heart rate, respiration rate, circulation, and blood flow to the working muscles.

Active Warm up:

Three to five minutes of more active movement stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), enhancing proprioception, and neuromuscular coordination.

Specific Warm up:

Three to five minutes of movement designed specifically to mimic the joint actions, muscle contractions, and motions of the activity.

Complete the three warm up phases and your body and mind will be alert, focused, and prepared to take on the exercise task at hand.  For specific exercises check out these videos:

Basketball Warm Up

Cycling Warm Up

Golf Warm Up

Heath Club Warm Up

Hiking Warm Up

Running Warm Up

Skiing Warm Up

Swimming Warm Up


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