What Are Some Tips for Shin Splints?

2642552922_12ebd269b6_vince42What are some tips for shin spints?

Tips and tricks for shin splint pain

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How do you avoid shin splints? What are some good exercises for shin splints? Does icing work or heat?


Shin splints are an overuse injury often caused by tight calf muscles and weak shin muscles. This condition can be avoided by wearing proper supportive footwear, avoiding prolonged periods of exercise on hard surfaces, and following a slow exercise progression into your desired activity (i.e. running). Below are a couple preventative exercises designed to increase the strength and endurance of the shin muscles:

1. Toe Ups: Stand with your back against a wall with your feet hip to shoulder width approximately a foot distance away. Lean back so your shoulders and buttocks rests against the wall. Next, dorsiflex (pull toes to shins) both feet so the balls of your feet are off the floor. Pull back as far as you can maintaining heel contact with the floor at all times. Lastly, slowly lower the forefoot back towards the floor and repeat for 12-15 repetitions. Try not to touch the forefoot all the way back to the floor if possible.
2. Heel Taps with Step: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Step one foot forward slight shorter than your natural stride. When the heel of your stepping foot makes contact with the ground, stop your forefoot from coming in contact with the floor by dorsiflexing (holding toes towards shin). Hold this position for a couple seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat for 12-15 repetitions on each side.

If you have shins splints ice is your best option as it will aid in the decrease of inflammation & micro trauma while enhancing the recovery process.


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