Training tips for your first 5K


If you want to step up your running game and complete a 5K, you’ll have to begin training to prep both your body and your mind for the event. Here are some tips to help stay motivated during the training process and get your body ready to run 3.1 miles:

Start off slow

While you might want to reach a certain running pace, don’t expect to get there right away. You can gradually start to build up your cardiovascular system by making an exercise plan. Start with 20 minutes of walking, then make your way to run-walking and eventually running for 30 minutes.

Set goals

Keep yourself motivated during the training process by setting small goals along the way. Maybe your goal is to be able to run for a certain amount of time, or to improve your mile time by a few seconds. Overcoming those challenges will keep you fueled and motivated for your 5K. Make sure the goals you set are attainable to help you maintain a positive attitude throughout your training.

Listen to your body

If you’re a first time runner, you might feel muscle soreness in your feet or legs. Instead of ignoring that tightness or soreness, listen to your body. Use a personal massager to relax joints and muscles so you can continue to run comfortably and meet your training goals. You don’t want to push yourself too hard to the point where you feel burnt out or risk an injury.

Find a friend

It’s a lot harder to miss a training workout if you have someone holding you accountable. Find a friend with similar exercise goals who you can train with. If you have friends that have already run a 5K, they’ll be able to help you with the training process and give you tips and encouragement you need along the way. If none of your friends run, you can join local running groups or clubs.

Stay positive

While training for a 5K, you’re going to face a lot of road bumps, both mental and physical. Try to focus on the positives to keep you motivated. For instance, you may not have reached the mile time you hoped to get, but you still managed to run a mile, making yourself that much stronger than you were before. If you have to, write down the positive things that happen during your training to keep yourself focused on the good.


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