Tips to Prevent Common Sports Injuries


Tips to prevent common sports injuries

Whether you’re a marathon runner, triathlete, bodybuilder or weekend warrior, it’s important to take the necessary measures to avoid sports-related injuries from sore muscles to sprains to broken bones. Getting hurt can put you behind on your training and limit your ability to exercise during and post-recovery. Instead, there are simple measures you can take to keep yourself safe as you practice for or compete in your sport and experience athletic achievement. Keep these tips in mind to stay active and pain-free throughout the season:

Shoulder injuries

If you injure your shoulder, you might experience symptoms such as tightness, pain when making lateral or overhead movements and difficulty sleeping on the injured side. For this part of the body, injuries that could happen include tendonitis, shoulder impingement syndrome, tears and rotator cuff strains. In order to avoid shoulder injuries, you should:

  • Use proper posture with every exercise
  • Engage in static and dynamic mobility stretches to improve range of motion
  • Give yourself a massage to release tension in larger muscles like your traps and your lats

Hip Injuries

When you hurt your hips, you could experience muscle cramps, spasms, tight hip flexors and pain or tenderness in your thighs Hamstring strains or tears, iliotibial (IT) band syndrome and groin tears and strains are all examples of hip injuries. To ensure you don’t get a hip injury, be sure to:

  • Always take part in a proper warm up before exercise and a cool down afterward to stretch muscles, especially when your workouts are intense or longer than normal
  • Stretch and strengthen hip flexors often, especially if you sit all day at an office job as this can make them tighten up
  • Self massage the major muscle groups of the hip area in between exercise sessions

Feet injuries

If you endure a foot injury, you might sustain heel pain, swelling in your Achilles tendon or tightness in the lower part of your calf. Foot injuries include Achilles strain, plantar fasciitis, calf strain, tendonitis or tears In order to save yourself from foot injuries you should:

  • Roll out the arches of your feet to mobilize muscles on a round object, such as a Moji foot massage
  • Stretch your calf muscles before and after physical activity
  • Give your calves a relaxation massage during your cool down and in between workouts

Keeping these tips in mind, your feet, hips and shoulders will remain injury free and you can continue to pursue your athletic endeavors.

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