The Ultimate Yoga Playlist

Most yoga enthusiasts know that when it comes to bridging mind and body, it’s all about the music.  The music, or lack there of, that accompanies your practice can change an unfocused practice into one heckuva flow. The type of tunes that brings you closer to your third eye is different for us all, but whether it’s power, forest, yin, or ashtanga, music can help you go farther both physically and spiritually.

Moji has put together a series of yoga playlists. Experiment with some new tunes as well as some really really old, and be open to what music might just lift your soul.

Traditional Yoga

Greatest Hits Yoga

Indie Yoga

Contemporary Yoga

Lyric-free Yoga

Power Yoga

Traditional Yoga

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  1. Michael 7 years ago

    love the play list….great selections!

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