The Sport of Motherhood

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If parenthood is a marathon, then pregnancy is a painful, yet exhilarating, speed workout.  For nine months, your body is put through ever-changing demands and asked to bend and stretch in ways it has never tried before.  Like after any killer workout, by the time baby arrives, you will surely find yourself tired, sore, and yearning for a little TLC. In addition to the physical rigors of pregnancy, more and more women are continuing their athletic endeavors while with child.  Though most women opt to taper their exercise programs to include more belly-friendly activities such as gardening and walking, others are more or less running right into the delivery room. Paula Radcliffe, women’s marathon world record holder, famously won the 2007 New York City Marathon just eight months after welcoming her daughter Isla into the world.  She trained through most of her pregnancy with Isla and returned to training shortly after her birth. Yet, pregnancy is a crossroads for many female athletes.  For some, it may signal a pause in their athletic endeavors as they orient to new demands on their daily schedules.  For others, it is the beginning of their athletic journey.  Many women who start working out to lose post-pregnancy weight or keep up with toddling kids find a love for sports that they will continue to develop for the rest of their lives. Regardless of what exercise you do before, during, or after pregnancy, those nine months are sure to cause aches and pains in ways and in places you never even knew existed.  In order to prevent injury and ease pains, it is essential to understand the transformation your body undergoes and how to customize workouts to meet its ever-changing needs. Moji Contributor, Anne Stein, dove into the world of pregnancy, exercise, and pain and has written articles that address what future moms should know about staying active and pain free from the first trimester to life with toddler.  We’ve included links to these articles and links to tips for running with baby from babyzone and Pregnancy today.

We know that struggles to stay active while parenting don’t end with potty training.  So, for those moms who already have a house full of joy but want to stay active, check out the time trials and life trials of the marathon moms for laughs, tips, and inspiration.


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