The Out-and-Backer’s Dilemma

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Today, while dutifully doing (ahem) research in Mojiland, we happened upon this amazing animated short by James Jarvis from 2009.  The short got us talking about the life of an out-and-back runner.  To log so many miles and always end up in the exact same place doesn’t seem like the most logical of endeavors.

Before you go there, yes, we know that, though our out-and-backs might not move us geographically, we’ve taken our minds and bodies on a journey forward.  We are (hopefully) in better mental and physical shape than we were when we started.

Still, we can’t help but wonder, “What if we actually did go somewhere?  What if we started each run at the end of where we left off the last, how far would we have gone?”

The answer?  Pretty darn far.

Though my personal running miles don’t amount to much more than a cross-country road trip, over the course of a truly avid runner’s career, the miles really add up.  In fact, if you have been doing 25 miles per week for the past two decades, you’ve already logged enough miles to run the distance of the Earth’s equator.  That’s a lot of mental and physical progress, if you ask us.

So, take a break and enjoy James Jarvis’ homage to his own running journey.  Think about all the different runs you’ve taken and all the crazy things you’ve seen.  Then, throw on your shoes and start that second lap around the globe.

Nike – Onwards by Illustrator James Jarvis and Animator Richard Kenworthy”It gets that feeling across where you’ve been running and you don’t actually realize you are running and at some point, you don’t feel your legs anymore and you don’t feel tired and you feel like you can go on forever.” – Animator and Co-Director Richard Kenworthy


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