Sweet Home Chicago

10/10/10 is the magic number for this year’s Chicago Marathon.  As Windy City locals, we can’t help but have pride in this world class event and give a shout out to the runners that pound the same pavement as we do.  In the Moji tradition, here is our spin on an email chain favorite – the 2K10 addendum to the “You Know You’re a Chicago Runner If…

You (Still) Know You’re a Chicago Runner If…

  1. You’ve accidentally run smack into a crazed Chicago Blackhawks fan
  2. You are a crazed Chicago Blackhawks fan
  3. You’ve passed triathletes practicing in Lake Michigan at Ohio Street (Olive) Beach and thought, “Maybe I should do that someday…” Only to think 1/4 mile later, “Nah!”
  4. You (and your dog) have fallen in love with Lake County Forest Preserve
  5. The question, “Are you going to run Hot Chocolate?” actually makes sense to you
  6. 312 is your favorite recovery drink
  7. On a hot summer day, you’ve considered running Baywatch-style into Lake Michigan
  8. You know that the Shamrock Shuffle and the Chicago Marathon compete each year for the esteemed title of “Craziest Race Day Weather”
  9. Deep dish is as much a post-race celebratory ritual as checking your race times
  10. You’ve had this stuck in your head for the past three months

Are you a Chicago runner? Add your own Chicago-based truths in the comments section below.

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  1. Lauren 7 years ago

    You can run past Blago graffiti and Blago's house on the same run.

  2. BigDogMom 7 years ago

    If your running wardrobe contains everything from long tights to short shorts….caps to fleece hats….tank tops to 1/4 fleece pullovers….all in the same run cuz this is Chicago people….if you don't like the weather….wait a minute…it will change!

  3. Cdubs 7 years ago

    You refer to places on the Lakefront Path according to which mile marker they are nearest.

  4. Doris Schertz 7 years ago

    If you'd rather jump in the lake than take an ice bath.

  5. Bdbunker 7 years ago

    You can run out and back and have the wind in your face for the entire run.

  6. Hill training involves the closest parking garage.

  7. Sarah 7 years ago

    You use the lake to mark your directions (north, south, east, west).

  8. Amanda 7 years ago

    You identify the beginning of Spring and Fall when the lakefront path water fountains are turned on and off for the season.

  9. Heckerrun 7 years ago

    You plan your race schedule, so you will get as many points as you can on the Cara competitive runners choice circuit.

  10. Romrome 7 years ago

    If you drink from the water fountain and not having to worry about it

  11. Leslie 7 years ago

    When you hit the path for a casual Sunday run, you can tell instantly what this week's Marathon mileage is by looking at a mile marker, the time, and the pace of the oncoming CARA training group.

  12. you know where each mile maker is located on the Lakefront path and curse the Chicago Park District every time they change it.

  13. Michellemaggio 7 years ago

    You know CARA is not someones running partner but a running group!!!! 🙂

  14. Romrome 7 years ago

    You can do your business in port-a-lettes with CONVICTION!

  15. EatRunCook 7 years ago

    You lament the slightest incline.

  16. flyingdog 7 years ago

    You've stood out by wearing your running gear during rush hour on a Metra train — just to avoid an out and back.

  17. Darren 7 years ago

    When the lakefront path is plowed before your own side street.

  18. Jason_M_Carter 7 years ago

    You never run more than 2 abreast, no matter where you are running.

  19. Fitcasey 7 years ago

    You start out your run wearing your winter coat and long pants but by the end you are down to your shorts and and tshirt

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