Study: Running Shoes Cause Joint Strain



Study: Running Shoes Cause Joint Strain

LiveScience reports on a a new study about the danger of running shoes

Rachel Rettner – LiveScience

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Rachel Rettner reports that a new study suggests that running shoes may hinder more than they help with regard to joint support.  The study included over 65 participants that ran a minimum of 15 miles a week.  The 37 women and 31 men had their gaits analyzed while running both in shoes and barefoot.  Using a forceplate to measure impact, researchers discovered that participants’ knees, hips, and ankles were exposed to increased torque when they had running shoes on.  Though the study suggests that running shoes might do more harm than good, experts do not necessarily recommend running barefoot.  Modern running surfaces can be dangerous for unprotected feet.

By Rachel Rettner

Published: January 12, 2010

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