Scary Good

In case you missed the memo, it’s Halloween.  Which deserves an enthusiastic MOOHAHAHA.  After all, as athletes, our lives lend themselves to a certain Halloweeny-ness.  Fear and fun are the foundation of our athletic pursuits.  Indeed, both the sports we do and this freakishly fun holiday are based on the central truth that:

Adrenaline Rush + Friends + Physical Activity + Cool Outfits = Fun

To honor this truth and the imminent feting of fun and fear, we have compiled videos of relatively unknown athletes who are, simply put, scary good.  These men, women and children embrace fright to elevate their sports to dazzling heights.  Each with a freakish combination of natural talent and a strange propensity to believe in their own strength beyond reason, will mesmerize you as you watch in terror, awe and delight as they gracefully complete death-defying feats.

Get yourself a fistful of candy corn, some headphones and enjoy.

Scary Good Biking


We’ve previously sung the praises of Danny McAskill but couldn’t resist including him in this group of scary good athletes.  Danny takes on the craziest stunts on two wheels and does death-defying skills effortlessly.  So effortlessly, in fact, that it might not even seem that scary to you.  But, trust us, it certainly is.

Scary Good Rock Climbing


Most pets don’t do much for one’s athletic career but this teenager’s childhood sidekick (a West African monkey) inspired her to ascend to unbelievable athletic heights…literally. Now Tori Allen is teen queen of women’s rock climbing taking the women’s gold in world competitions across disciplines. To learn more about her superhuman skill check out this Discovery Channel segment.

Just Scary Rock Climbing


Even after the 132nd viewing, this video still puts my stomach in my chests.  Alex Honnold owns free climbing.  As you watch this incredible athlete take on one of the world’s most treacherous bouldering climbs, feel free to cling white-knuckled to your armrests.

Awesomely Old, Scary Good Gymnast


I don’t know what I’ll be doing when I’m 82 years old, but I would say that there’s maybe a 0.2% chance it will be trampolining for gold.  And yet, John Rigby is doing just that.

Scary Good Kayaking


They’re all crazy.  That’s how I feel about kayaking and that’s precisely why I chose a beautiful compilation of kayaking feats of athleticism over singling out one particular insane athlete.  Huge rocks and plunging rapids call for death but the river seems to permit these select few to pass.  Unreal.

Scary Good Ultimate


So, here’s a cute lil video of Beau Kittredge, Ultimate (Frisbee) god, in a recent match.  What’s notable about this particular performance is that he catches the disc midair while effortlessly leaping over another man.  I’ll say that again.  He catches the disc midair while leaping over another man.  Here is where I fall short on this feat of agility and strength.  1. Actually catching a Frisbee.  2.  Catching anything midair.  3. Leaping over other people.  And, here’s the kicker, it doesn’t seem as if Beau even noticed that he did anything extraordinary.  Just another day as superman.

Scary Good Surf Prodigy


Most athletes cannot claim to live on their field of choice.  A baseball diamond or a soccer pitch, do not make for reasonable backyards.  However, John John Florence’s backyard has always been both play area and training ground for what he seems destined to do – take surfing to a whole new level.  Take a look at a young John John and his mother as they talk about his physical and geographical natural gifts and then see how far he’s come today with this video.  With a little more power and a few more years under his belt, he might just reach Poseidonesque stature over the waves.

Scary Good Potential


What’s 28 lbs, 31″ tall and as adorable as the day is long? Given Goodwin, 22 month old son to surf pro Daize Shayne Goodwin.  Blessed with both genetics and geographic locale, this tiny tot is already on a longboard, carving out so water with his phenomenally talented mom.  While the mom-assisted surf session could arguably be accomplished by any babe, the sheer joy on his spray-splashed face speaks to an innate passion for the sport that is what turns the ingredients to amazing athletic success (amazing genetics, access to the sport, incredible mentors) into mastery.


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