Can I Run with Severe Foot Pain?

63633416_e184d41e7f_It'sGreg_noderivativesCan I run with Severe Foot Pain?

Advice on stretches/post workout treatment to minimize pain


Fitness Expert, Barrington, IL


I had a lisfranc injury several years ago and I frequently experience fairly severe pain and soreness on longer training runs. Any advice on stretches/post-workout treatment to minimize this or is this something I will just have to deal with?


That degree of pain is not something you should deal with.  In fact, it is dangerous to do so.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong! Consider seeking out a sports medicine physician or physical therapist who specializes in sports injuries to further evaluate your situation. Lisfranc injuries vary greatly from mild sprains to fractures or dislocations. It’s likely your current symptoms are related to the original injury. The initial treatment received also plays a role in the risk for further injury and long term function.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you shoudl refrain from running and see a doctor about the pain – something no runner wants to here.  However, you can maintain fitness in the interim, through low impact exercises such as aquatic training or biking.  These exercises will challenge your cardio fitness and significantly decrease the amount of stress your foot is currently experiencing.


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