Moji Releases New All-in-One Solution for the Weekend Warrior

Chicago, IL, May 5, 2011 – Today, Moji announced the release of Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap, the latest innovation in Moji’s line of warm up and recovery products. The sleek Moji Universal Compression Wrap and Moji Universal Fusion Cell provide cold compression and heat therapy for nine different body parts: ankle, shin, Achilles, calf, knee, hamstrings, quads, hip and shoulder.  This practical solution gives active consumers the ability to warm up, optimize recovery, help prevent injuries and ease minor aches and pains – all in one easy-to-use system.

Moji products leverage design technology and material science to elevate two of the most tried and true injury prevention and recovery modalities—cold compression and heat therapy. Heat therapy is a heralded addition to pre-workout routines, enabling athletes to warm up muscles, prevent injuries and maximize performance. Post-workout, cold compression therapy (commonly known as icing or cryotherapy) is one of the simplest, most effective and critical measures toward recovery, injury prevention and rehab. For decades, despite the wealth of evidence supporting heat and cold compression therapy, products on the market were impractical and ineffective. In 2009, Moji introduced a revolution in the industry with Moji Knee and has continued to innovate ever since. The 2011 release of Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap is the step forward in this revolution.

“The Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap is by far the most versatile and effective product on the market,” said Moji Founder, Victor Viner. “For those serious about warm up, recovery and pain relief, Moji Universal is the go-to solution. For active families, Moji Universal is the perfect household staple.”

The Magic Behind Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap

Moji F.I.T (Function Inspired Technology) is at the core of each Moji product and ensures that products not only function therapeutically – but also function in everyday life. Moji F.I.T. mandates that products hit five essential deliverables: Targeted Pain Relief, Mobility, Comfort, Convenience and Reusability.

Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap is a perfect reflection of the Moji F.I.T. philosophy with its sleek and multifunctional Fusion Cell and Compression Wrap.  Moji Universal Compression Wrap stretches an unprecedented 200%, providing comfort, compression and complete mobility. The wrap is easily applied to nine different body parts including challenging areas such as the hip, ankle and shoulder. To ensure maximum comfort, the wrap features four stretch tab fastening points that allow the user to customize the fit to his or her preference.

Moji Universal Fusion Cell was designed with the same functionality and versatility in mind. The Fusion Cell’s unique labyrinth design conforms to the specific shape and dimensions of the same nine different body parts and features Moji’s signature soft and pliable gel formula. Like all Moji products, the gel is encased in a unique film, engineered for a soft and supple feel, unlike most heating and icing methods. For optimal comfort, Moji employs a high-tech Dri-lex® fabric layer that keeps your skin dry.

For More Information

To purchase Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap or for more information on Moji’s innovative products, visit In addition to product and company information, the site features an Interactive Library with expert content on effective training, warm up, injury prevention, recovery and active living.

In addition to its line of cold compression and heat therapy products, Moji will introduce a new line of revolutionary massage and myofascial release products for warm up and recovery this summer.

About Moji

Moji was founded in 2007 with the goal of keeping active people active and pain-free. Founder Victor Viner has surrounded himself with a team that brings industry expertise in the areas of product design, marketing, manufacturing, operations, technology and content development. Moji has various product offerings for post-operative and rehabilitating patients. Moji’s corporate headquarters are in Glenview, IL and the distribution and design centers are located in Chicago, IL. Pronounced [mo-G].

*Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap, formerly known as Moji One.


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