Courage for Chicago

With this weekend’s Chicago marathon and Kona Ironman upon us, we were inspired to post this legendary Nike commercial.   In this short film, Nike is, as always, brilliant and The Killers are, well, just that.

The video, entitled “Courage”, powerfully depicts the strength and determination required for great athletic achievement.  It also shows that this achievement comes at a price – hard work, sweat, and sometimes failure.  Great athletes must have the willingness to push beyond physical limitations and the mental fortitude to truly believe in the impossible.

Whether this marathon/triathlon is your first or your fiftieth, whether you are looking to finish, qualify, or PR, there is an achievement to be had and you too must be willing and strong.  As the video states, you have what you need to get there inside. The question is:

Do you have the courage to dig deep and set it free?



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