Salute to Treadmill Warriors

Over the past couple weeks, fall has…well…fallen on many regions of the US.  For some of us, however, it feels like winter is right on autumn’s heels.

Here, in Chicago, a wintery chill made for a very fast (and very cold) marathon last weekend and our ski and snowboarding friends out west are already enjoying the first granules of powder at A Basin.

While we will hopefully still have more beautiful crisp running days ahead, we know that treadmill season is not far away.  This week, for our Moji Motivation video, we want to share a classic video that speaks to those of us who have already turned indoors for our runner’s high.

Here’s to entertaining cold weather workouts and good tunes.  Who knows, after enough miles on the mill, maybe we’ll all look that good in bright red skinny jeans…or whatever slightly more dialed-down version of pants you choose to wear.


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