Inspiration and Imagination

Inspiration for staying active is found in athletes of all shapes and sizes – a wide receiver who nabs that oh-so-perfect shoestring catch, an overjoyed tee-baller after her first big hit, and certainly these incredible father/son triathletes (who, incidentally, are pretty much the real deal Mandelbaums; except when it’s “Go Time” for these guys, they win Ironman World Championships.  Brockenbrough!  Brockenbrough!  Brockenbrough!)

However, as evidenced by this stunning video, inspiration doesn’t always have to come from mainstream sports.  Danny MacAskill, who rides for the aptly named Inspired Bicycles team, does stunts that other bikers have never imagined possible –  maybe never imagined, period.  He approaches bike riding with unparalleled determination, skill, and artistry.  With these talents and a truckload of imagination, Danny transforms the streets of Edinburgh into an urban obstacle course and skillfully battles gravity, reason, and probably local law enforcement.

As kids, our own imaginations turned community ice rinks into Olympic arenas and backyard tosses into Super Bowl winning throws.  These fantasies gave us endless energy and the drive to pursue our dreams.  (To be fair, they also caused us to do some stupid things, which led to bumps, bruises and broken bones.)

Though we are older, wiser, and much more cautious, that doesn’t mean that we can’t find inspiration through imagination.  Perhaps if we let our minds transform that next run, ride, or swim into an unimaginable accomplishment – be it a 2:30 marathon finish, a late-in-life personal PR, or an Olympic win – our legs might feel a little lighter, our arms a little stronger, and, who knows, we might just find ourselves on the precipice of the real-life version of that accomplishment someday.

Our training sessions might not be as exhilarating and magical as Danny MacAskill’s rides, but with a little imagination, they could be a helluva a lot of fun.


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