Moji Launches a Revolution in Massage with Moji 360® Line of Products

Chicago, IL, August 1, 2011 – Today, Moji will release Moji 360®, the company’s innovative suite of dynamic massage products. The line, which Moji is calling “A Revolution in Massage,” features omni-directional stainless steel spheres that allow athletes the freedom to massage with a constant motion similar to that of a professional massage therapist.

Massage is growing in popularity among athletes as awareness spreads about its performance-enhancing, warm-up and recovery benefits. The Moji 360 products take on-the-go sports massage to the next level by providing incredible portability and a more pleasant and practical experience.

The impact that Moji’s dynamic massage products will make on the industry is not lost on Moji Founder Victor Viner, “It’s an exciting time for our company as we see tremendous opportunity for our 360 line. Bottom line, our products help you recover and relax better than anything in the marketplace. ”

The Magic Behind Moji 360

Moji F.I.T. (Function Inspired Technology) is at the core of Moji innovation and ensures that products not only function therapeutically, but also function in everyday life. Moji F.I.T. mandates that products hit five essential deliverables: Efficacy, Mobility, Comfort, Convenience and Reusability.

This Moji F.I.T. philosophy is evident in Moji 360’s superior user interface. Omni-directional spheres break up webs of scar tissue, making Moji 360 more effective and less painful than static pressure. Multiple hand grips allow users to comfortably access even hard-to-reach areas.  Moji’s TriZone technology, featuring varied sphere sizes and arrays, gives users the ability to easily adjust the intensity of the massage. The three complementary design components ensure that on the couch or at the desk, Moji 360 can be used both comfortably and effectively with minimal space and effort required.

Retailers across the country are understandably enthusiastic about the line’s launch. Pre-orders for the Moji 360 line have hit from as far away as Alaska. The endurance community shares that enthusiasm. Wendy Jaehn, Executive Director of Chicago Area Runners Association elaborates, “CARA has always promoted a comprehensive training plan that includes icing, heat and massage so little aches and pains do not turn into injuries and prevent attainment of our runners’ goals. Moji’s products have been part of our training programs given their performance and ease of use, and we look forward to adding the Moji 360 to the mix.”


For More Information

To purchase Moji 360 Massager or for more information on Moji’s innovative products, visit In addition to product and company information, the site features an Interactive Library with expert content on effective training, warm up, injury prevention, recovery and active living. Moji also supports a vibrant social community, which can be fuond at and

About Moji

Moji was founded in 2007 with the goal of keeping active people active and pain-free. Founder Victor Viner has surrounded himself with a team that brings industry expertise in the areas of product design, marketing, manufacturing, operations, technology and content development. In addition to warm up and recovery, Moji products offer premium solutions for post-operative and rehabilitating patients. Moji pronounced [mo-G].


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