The Sweet Soreness of Success

Congratulations to all of those athletes who finished the Chicago Marathon and Kona this weekend – we hope you enjoyed the wild adventure that is an endurance event of that caliber.

For a split second this morning, you might have thought that the magical moments of yesterday’s competition were nothing more than a dream…that is until you tried to move.

For those of us feeling that sweet pain of accomplishment today, we need not wear our medals or race shirts to let people know that we gave it our all yesterday.  Our wincing faces and zombie-like stiffness are indicative enough of the miles we pounded race day.

This video from the 2007 London Marathon celebrates that special post-race ache in a most hysterical manner.  In fact, it will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry – if not from the British humor, than certainly from the sharp pains you’ll feel in that core of yours with each giggle and guffaw.   So, reach…out… slowly…delicately grip that mouse and click below for some comic relief.


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