Apps to Help You Stay Active (Part I)

This is Part I in a series of blogs Team Moji will be looking at applications for mobile devices.

Fe Ilya/

Fe Ilya/

At Moji, we wanted to take on the task of finding some of the best apps for what we care about most – helping people stay active.  After 4 weeks and many cups of coffee, we realized the tricky truth behind the slogan “there’s an app for that.”  Having an app for that, means having an app for everything, which in turn means that sifting through 100,000 apps is a much more daunting task than we anticipated.

After an exhaustive search, we happened upon Appolicious – a site dedicated to finding apps.  (Think of amazon meets the public library.)

We found hundreds of apps that help you stay active – some better than others.  Within that pile o’ apps, we pulled out several gems that, if not perfectly practical, are particularly interesting.

This week, we present the apps for five types of Moji lovers  (marathon lovers, gym junkies, Garmin-less data divers, ladies who train, and the achey).  If you’d like to suggest your favorite app for future posts, we encourage you to leave it as a comment below.

For marathon lovers.

Can Do 26.2 – For Those Researching Marathons – $0.99

26.2 screen shotThis app is fairly new and probably more fun than super useful for marathon fans.  Can Do 26.2 is like a marathon runner’s phone book.  It allows you to search for marathons by location, date or name.  For each race, it provides the registration date, fees, number of race participants, and a direct link to their website.  (For the those trying to qualify for Boston, the app also shows which races are qualifiers.)

Moji’s Take

We imagine that most of the time, this app will be pulled out to settle a race debate at a post-run bar or breakfast spot.  However, in our Moji travels, we have met people who are crazy enough and well-trained enough, to just hop in a marathon on a whim.   For those hardcore marathoners, the app would wonderfully useful.  Our only suggestion is the inclusion of participant reviews for the various races.

Cost – $0.99

iTunes Rating – 2.5 Stars (7 Reviews)

For gym junkies.

iFitness – Keep Your Gym Routines Fresh


This app has it all.  Most of us get into a routine of doing the same couple of exercises every time.  BORING!  The iFitness breaks the monotony and does a ton more on top of that.  The app allows you to pick exercises by muscle group or by an alphabetically list- and that’s the least impressive feature.  iFitness comes preloaded with pre-set routines so you can jump right into a fully vetted workout.  Or, you can create a custom routine and the app will walk you through it.  But wait! There’s more! The app tracks the reps and weights you do for each workout and creates charts for you to see your progress over time.

Moji’s Take

If there was a fully-functioning personal training robot for just $1.99,  who wouldn’t buy it?  iFitness, is almost as awesome as that.  Sure it doesn’t have a monotone voice or make that cool whirring sound when it moves, but it is extremely useful and packed full of features that can make going to the gym more fun and more productive.  Plus, the company that made the app is consistently updating the app with new features such as the BMI calculator that was added to version 9.5.  Buy it now!

Cost – $1.99

iTunes Rating – 5 Stars (over 15,000 reviews)

For Garmin-less data divers.

RunKeeper – Track Your Runs

runkeeper2This app is great for tracking your runs via iPhone’s GPS capabilities.  As most things on the iPhone the interface is clean and easy to use.  The app tracks your activity, shows your pace, provides a historical view and allows you to share your runs.  The Pro version has some extra bells and whistles like playlist integration and audio cues.

Moji’s Take

If you already run with your iPhone, you might as well test out the free version.  The $0.99 upgrade isn’t too steep either, if you choose to keep up with Run Keeper.  WARNING:  This app might cause serious Garmin lust should you fall in love with training data.

Cost – Free or $0.99 for the Pro Edition

iTunes Rating – 3.5 Stars (over 12,000 reviews)

For ladies who train.

NikeWomen Training Club – For All the Ladies


The NikeWomen Training Club is personalized training for women.  Once you enter your basic information, the app lays out a 2 to 4 week training schedule with detailed exercises that help you achieve your goals.  Exercises have videos to help demonstrate how to properly execute each move.  For those ladies that love competition, there is even a leader board that lets you see how you match up to the other women in the training club.

Moji’s Take

It’s free, so why not give it a try!  It’s the one club you can be a part of and not have to be at the meetings on-time.  A great way to motivate, track, and program, your workouts.

Cost – Free

iTunes Rating – 3 Stars (over 13,000 reviews)

For the achey.

Pain Free Book – Getting Old, Have Pain


We all get aches and pain – some of which simply cannot be ignored.  This app fits that need.  The Pain Free Book lets you pick your pain by location and then provides you with the exercises to provide relief by focusing on the root of the problem.  Plus, the app lets you share exercises with friends and provides contacts to clinics if you need further assistance.

Moji’s Take

We could see this app being very useful to people on the go that have chronic pain.  While it’s not the most comprehensive library, it’s a good reference for those who need immediate pain relief.

Cost – $0.99

iTunes Rating – 3 Stars (8 Reviews)


Stayed tuned for for future post looking at other apps that help you maintain an active lifestyle.  If you have an app you are specifically looking for let us know and we can try and track it down for you.

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  1. I created the Feel Good Tracker iPhone App and it's available in the Apple App store for $1.99.

    I use the Feel Good Tracker iPhone App to log and rate the activities I've done that made me feel good. It's really easy to use and I try to use it at least once a day.

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