Intangible benefits of massage [Infographic]

Massages are relaxing and so much more.

While massage provides clear benefits for soothing muscle aches and promoting relaxation, research continually unlocks more of its healing powers. Discover why you need a massage today:

Moji infographic on intangible benefits of massage.Massage brings benefits to your whole body.

Relieve tension

Anxiety and stress are part of everyday life, but when left untreated, the conditions can manifest into physical and emotional symptoms. Massage not only loosens tense muscle, it also increases serotonin and dopamine levels.

Kick headaches to the curb

Whether your head is throbbing from listening to the kids bang on pots and pans or from just staring at a computer screen all day, massage therapy can help. The blood flow boost you get from using a personal massager on your neck and back will relieve that pain.

Look and feel younger

That circulatory system enhancement does more than just alleviate headaches. It can also make you look younger by helping with lymphatic drainage, ridding your skin of unsightly wrinkles and fine lines. Forget anti-wrinkle cream – just get a personal massager!

Quell stomachaches

By moving your personal massager along your abdomen, you stimulate muscles and organs that keep your gastrointestinal tract in check. Plus, stress can put serious strain on your gut, and the anxiety-relief advantages of massage can support a healthy digestive system.

Understanding the health benefits of massage therapy moves you one step closer to a stronger, happier you.


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