How to perform a 5 minute neck self massage


It’s very common for people to experience tightness or stiffness in their necks. We spend our days working in poor posture, lifting and carrying heavy loads and getting stressed by responsibilities. All of these factors can weigh in on the likelihood of our developing muscle knots in our necks and shoulders. These knots, or trigger points, are the location of where we hold tension. Our muscle fibers in this area become shortened and in effect have the feeling of bunching. If you run your fingers over you neck you may notice these knots. Save yourself time, money and pain by learning to apply self massage to your neck. The steps are simple and easy to perform anywhere, whether at home or on the go.

Tools of the self-massage trade

Your hands are the easiest to use when applying self massage. With your hands, you have great control over where you place your pressure and exactly how much pressure you will apply. Unfortunately, if your neck knots require a large amount of pressure and movement from your fingers, your hands can become fatigued very quickly. To avoid this issue from happening, invest in a portable self massager like the Moji 360 mini massager. This tool slips right over your hand so that you can use the full pressure of your palm to work specific areas, because the pressure will be distributed through the balls at the end of the massager.

Safety notes

It is important that if your self massage causes further pain, or your notice that your muscles are consistently tender to the touch that there may be a more serious underlying issue at hand. It is best to seek out a specialist at this time. For anyone choosing to apply self massage to the neck it is of the utmost importance that you are aware and careful of your spine at all times. Do not apply pressure or massage directly to the spine, always apply pressure to the muscles on the sides.

Massage how to

Start your massage with a simple stretch. Tilt you head back and firmly grasp the skin at the base of your neck on either side. Slowly begin to roll your head forward until you notice a stretch, continue to hold tightly to your neck. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds and relax. Next, identify the knots in your neck, apply circular movement to the area, applying as much pressure as needed. Spend as long or as short of a time required until you start to feel comfortable again.


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