Great homemade remedies for sore muscles


Anyone who works out can attest to the daunting anticipation of feeling sore muscles after strenuous exercise. While the motivation of feeling healthy and looking great certainly overrides any potential discomfort after a workout, finding new alleviation strategies for a post-exercise routine is essential to relieving the tension inside your body. Here are a few suggestions for easy and accessible homemade remedies that will help you soothe your sore muscles and get you ready for your next workout session:

Grab a cup of joe

Physical activity is a natural way to stimulate your body and make you more alert, so firing up the coffee pot and pouring yourself a cup of joe may seem sort of counter-intuitive after exercising. However, studies have shown that sipping a cup of coffee after workout is not just for waking you up, but could help out with relieving your sore muscles. According to researchers from the University of Georgia, consuming moderate dosages of caffeine, essentially the equivalent to two cups of coffee, could potentially reduce muscle pain experienced through working out by nearly 50 percent. Dr. Victor Maridakis, the lead author of the study, elaborated on how moderate caffeine use after exercise could vastly benefit those new to working out.

“If you can use caffeine to reduce the pain, it may make it easier to transition from that first week into a much longer exercise program,” Maridakis said in a statement.

Discover the wonders of epsom salt

While a warm bath in the tub is an essential post-workout routine for some, there’s even a better way to help treat those stressed muscles. Adding a cup or two of epsom salt into a tub of hot water has been known to be extremely beneficial to a tired and worn out body, according to SaltWorks​. Epsom salt isn’t actually a salt – it’s a compound of magnesium and sulfate, which has long been used for rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes, especially for relieving muscle tension. So next time you return from a demanding day at the gym, load up the tub, drop a few cups of epsom salt in, let it settle and prepare yourself for instant relaxation.

Oils are essential

Most people only tend to associate oils and lotions with making your skin smoother and better scented, but certain oil products can do wonders for loosening up your muscles. Relief massage oils are specially formulated for helping your muscles relax while also hydrating your skin, and are a simple way to make your body unwind after some serious exercise. After you’ve had a warm bath or shower, spread some of these muscle relief oils over any specific areas that are feeling discomfort and gently massage the lotion in.

Eat the right foods

There are plenty of snacks you can consume after a trying workout that will give your body the boost it desperately needs. The more antioxidants you ingest before physical activity, the better you’ll protect your muscles from any wear or tear after a workout. Cherry juice is a great source of antioxidants that has been noted to alleviate sore muscles after exercise, as well as blueberries.

Be your own masseuse

Of course, a quick and easy way to get those knots out of your muscles is giving yourself the gift of a therapeutic massage. A personal massage roller is how you can specifically target those sore muscles and work to make your body feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning. Plus, you don’t have to spend any money or schedule reservations to receive all the alleviating benefits!


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