Fleet Feet Sports Chicago Runners Put Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap to the Test

Chicago, IL, June 7, 2011 – This week, Moji and Fleet Feet Sports Chicago runners are teaming up to test Moji’s newest product, Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap. The 2011 release of Moji’s most versatile product, is an innovative step forward in the athletic recovery industry, providing ice, heat and compression for over a dozen different body parts. The experienced and talented Fleet Feet Sports Chicago runners will have the opportunity to put Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap to the test, as the running season picks up, here in Chicago.

A select group of testers will conduct a 3 to 4 week trial of Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap and participate in a review at the end of the trial. The testing group will include runners who consider themselves frequent “icers” and “non-icers.” Testers will receive a Moji Universal Ice & Heat Wrap, valued at $79 and will help to provide invaluable information for this Chicago-based company, devoted to preventing injury and improving recovery.

About Moji

Moji was founded in 2007 with the goal of keeping active people active and pain-free. Founder Victor Viner has surrounded himself with a team that brings industry expertise in the areas of product design, marketing, manufacturing, operations, technology and content development. Moji has various product offerings for post-operative and rehabilitating patients. Moji’s corporate headquarters are in Glenview, IL and the distribution and design centers are located in Chicago, IL. Pronounced [mo-G].

About Fleet Feet Sports Chicago

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