Finding a Run Was Never So Fun



Technology has, for many athletes, made running more fun.  Innovation now abounds in every aspect of racing from compression socks to chip timing.  Shirts wick better, watches tick tougher, and, to our personal amazement, wool has gotten smarter.  (Who knew fabric could learn?)

Yes, technology has made running more fun.  And, as proud members of the Garmin Generation of athletes, we consider it our responsibility to keep an eye out for the coolest new technology – even if its software on a computer.

So, when we happened upon Prezi, we simply tweeted with glee.  We knew that we had found  the perfect tool to conquer the final technological frontier for racing enthusiasts – event selection.*

In a highly unscientific and marginally democratic manner, the Moji team compiled a list, excuse us, a Prezi, of the best races to hit in 2010.  There’s everything from world class marathons to romps in the mud.  In fact, there’s a race for everyone except the unenthusiast.

What is this magical Prezi?  You’ll have to click below to see. We promise you’ll love it.  More importantly, we promise you’ll find a race (or six) that you’ll love, too.

If you feel the need for instructions on how to use Prezi read the Prezi What?! section below. Otherwise, enjoy meandering through and dreaming about a year chock full of fun racing!

(Let us know your favorite race(s) in the comments below.)

Prezi What?!

Prezi is simple to use.  What’s more, we’ve designed 2010 Races so that there’s no wrong way to view it.  Poke around and enjoy!

Access. You can access the Prezi via the window above or simply click on 2010 Races.

Follow along. You can use the arrow on the bottom of the Prezi to move back and forth from one part of the presentation to another.  The races go in chronological order and give basic stats as well as cool images (photos, course maps, etc.).

Choose your own adventure. Want to cut the Moji course?  No problem.  Just click and drag anywhere on the Prezi and you can freely go and see whatever it is you want.  Think of the Prezi as one big picture.  Click it and drag it around to explore.

Zoom zoom. Zooming is just a click away.  Click on any part of the Prezi to zoom in and click on the target circle (next to the arrows) to zoom out.  For a smoother zoom hover your mouse over the right-hand side of the Prezi and click on the magnifying glasses that appear.

Go big. We personally feel that the best way to experience Prezi is in Full Screen mode.  It’s amazing!  You can find the option by clicking on More at the bottom right-hand corner.

Sit back and relax. Not in the mood to do much work?  Click on More at the bottom right-hand corner of the Prezi and then select Autoplay.  You won’t have to lift a finger.

To learn more about Prezi visit them

*It is important to note that we’re talking about selecting the race, not signing up for it.  Technology has already done an ample job of making registration for your bib (and, apparently, a hundred related emails) a breeze.


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