Fat burning foods to add to your diet


Staying in shape requires various elements, such as exercise and personal massage (which eases sore muscles and allows you to maintain your workout regimen). However, diet is equally important when trying to build lean muscle. Certain foods are better than others when it comes to burning fat. These superfoods can help you torch calories:

Whole grain oatmeal

Start your morning off on a healthy note with a bowl of whole grain oatmeal. Your body works harder breaking down whole foods than it does processed items, which sheds twice as many calories. Be careful to avoid the flavored varieties, as they contain a lot of excess sugar. Instead, flavor your whole wheat oatmeal naturally by adding sliced fresh fruit and chopped nuts. Almonds and walnuts actually build muscle and have fiber to keep you full and reduce cravings.

Don’t hesitate to add other whole grains to your diet as well, including brown rice, cereal, pasta and quinoa, as they help prevent your body from storing fat and keep yourself full.

Lean meats and fish

Lean meats and fish like turkey, chicken, salmon and tuna have a very low fat content and contain high amounts of protein to help strengthen muscles and burn fat. You can torch about 90 calories simply by eating a 300-calorie chicken breast. That sounds like a win, win. Choose healthy methods of preparing your meats, like grilling.

Chili peppers

Chili peppers have a high thermogenic effect, which means it spikes your metabolism and helps you burn more fat quickly. They contain a compound known as capsaicin, which heats your body and helps you burn calories. Add chili peppers into anything from sandwiches and soups to pastas and casseroles to give your dish some heat. Keep in mind you don’t have to eat raw peppers – they can be eaten in many forms. Sprinkle dried chili flakes over your pasta dish, or enjoy them cooked or powdered.


Adding beans to your diet means you’ll be getting more fiber and protein to build muscle and prevent you from overeating. Incorporate beans into tacos, salads or soups. Opt for black or pinto beans, which are much healthier and contain less fat than refried beans.

Peanut butter

This creamy spread is chock full of protein to help your muscles grow and burn fat. Add peanut butter to apple slices, a piece of whole wheat toast or a banana for a healthy snack. Be careful about how much you eat, however. Peanut butter contains a lot of fat, so keep an eye on your portions.


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