Exercises Can Help Combat and Prevent Girls’ ACL Injuries

Mark Sebastian/flickr.com

Mark Sebastian/flickr.com

Exercises Can Help Combat and Prevent Girls’ ACL Injuries

The Washington Post’s MisFits report on how parents are taking strides to prevent ACL injuries in young female athletes

Lenny Bernstein – The Washington Post

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The Washington Post‘s Lenny Bernstein reports on changes that are being made by parents, coaches, and institutions to help prevent ACL injuries in young female athletes.  The incidence of knee injuries in this population is staggering.  In fact, young women that are actively involved in sport are three to eight times more likely to suffer from ACL tears than their male counterparts.  While anatomical differences, such as the thinness of their ACLs, contribute greatly to these statistics, ACL injuries can be prevented through proper conditioning.  Bernstein reports that some parents and coaches have taken on this  conditioning burden and are providing young female athletes with intensive training that involves strengthening leg muscles, learning proper the biomechanics of jumping and running, as well as conditioning key stabilizer muscles through the core and lower body.  This intensive training will not only help prevent knee injuries but also provide a competitive advantage to the athletes – a fact that many hope will inspire increasingly competitive female athletes and their parents to buy into this additional training commitment.

By Lenny Bernstein

Published: January 28, 2010

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