Dos and don’ts of at home back massages


For those looking for physical and mental tranquility in life, it is essential to practice massage. This active resting is beneficial for your immune system, your muscle’s ability to heal and your brain’s resistance to the effects stress. Before attempting to give yourself a home back massage, there are proper techniques and standards that you should try to abide so that your experience is as enjoyable and physically stimulating as possible.

Pre-massage prep

Be sure to give your mind and body the right space to experience massage. Choose a room in your home that is comforting and calm, with warm light and good air flow. This will prevent outside distractions. To really set the ambiance, light incense or a candle to give the room an extra touch of warmth. If you have a mind that tends to wander, it could be helpful to play a little music to keep your mood and mind focused.

Once the room is set, take off any extra jewelry you are wearing, or any clothes that may impede the benefits of massage. Wearing a thin layer should keep you warm during the self-massage, and can often provide a small amount of comfort for those with sensitive skin. Next, apply any oils or lotions you plan to use, making sure to moisturize the entire area of your back you will massage. If you happen to be using a portable massager, only apply enough to prevent your skin from pulling.

During massage

While using your portable massager, or working with your hands, be sure to pay close attention to your physical and emotional feelings. If you happen to feel short of breath or overtired for any reason, stop massaging and give your body time to relax before you continue. Notice if you are experiencing any pain, adjust the level of force from the massager and avoid any extremely tender areas.

Post-massage care

One you finish massaging, stay relaxed in your room for a few minutes. Let your body have a few moments to adjust before getting back to daily activity. Your body may feel cold, as massage often brings heat to the surface of your body, much like exercise, so put on a robe of a sweater. Once you stand, fill yourself a glass of water and continue to hydrate for the next 24 hours. This water will assist the toxins that were released during massage to move through your kidneys and out of your body.

Note if your muscles experience any soreness after massage. This is normal, especially for those who do not often practice it. If the soreness lasts for more than a day or two, apply less pressure the next time.


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