Do Chiropractors Relieve Back Pain?

2525648964_b224c9cbc3_b_boliston_commercial_q-park tauntonDo Chiropractors Relieve Back Pain?

An answer to how long one might expect to need chiropractic care

Kathy Weber, M.D., M.S.
Director of Primary Care Sports Medicine
Rush University Medical Center


How many times does a chiropractor really help your back pain and, if they can fix it, does this mean you have to keep going all the time after that that first fix if that is what happens?


Unfortunately, it is tough to predict how long back pain may last and how much treatment will be necessary over the course of the healing process.  Though many people find that their back pain resolves within a couple of months, chronic back pain suffers may have pain that comes and goes for years.

There are two main avenues for back pain sufferers, conservative care (such as physical therapy, medication, and massage) and invasive treatments (such as surgical procedures and injections).  Seeing a chiropractor is one of several conservative care options for back pain treatment and, in the right clinical situation, can relieve back pain.

The length of time that care should continue varies widely and is something you should discuss in detail with your chiropractor. However, if you require continued adjustments to control your pain or you have progressive pain and/or neurological symptoms (for example: weakness, numbness, tingling, bowel, or bladder dysfunction), you should get an opinion from a physician that specializes in spine care.

As always it is important to explore all of your treatment options and look for a credentialed professional.  Since there are a variety of chiropractic methods and philosophies, you may want to ask your primary care physician for a recommendation as to which chiropractors might best suit your needs.


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