Dear #6815


One of my favorite race day activities is checking out the runners around me. Between the crazy outfits and Sharpie-decorated t-shirts, race day ogling has triple the entertainment value of normal people watching.  Maybe even quadruple.

Though I never tire of admiring banana costumes and wondering exactly how many people are here for the “Williams Family Reunion,” it is rare that I feel compelled to venture outside of my pain cave (which is often where I find myself in long races) and attempt a conversation with a fellow runner.

However, this once, I wish I could.  My coworker Michelle took the above photo yesterday at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon.  Front and center is runner #6815 in one of the most interesting shirts I’ve seen in a while.  I love it.  In fact, I have spent an inordinate proportion of the past 24 hours making up stories as to whose hand prints and impromptu turkeys (left sleeve) made it onto his race shirt.

Which is why I want to send this message through the wild and wonderful world wide web:

Dear #6815,

Please tell me about your t-shirt.



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